Our Summary Of 3 of the Top Rated Scooters

Before you purchase a scooter, it is necessary that you read electric scooter reviews that will give you ideas which scooters are the best in the market. Electric scooters have become a huge success since its launch and this is because of a number of reasons discussed later on. If you are among those people intrigued by it and currently in limbo whether to buy one or not, let this article serve as your guide in making  a sound decision.

Why You Should Buy an Electric Scooter and Read Electric Scooter Reviews

Cost effective

Electric scooters are easy to maintain compared to other forms of transportation. They use battery for power instead of gas, allowing you to save a ton of cash because you no longer have to set aside money for gas.

Nature friendly

The electric scooters are definitely eco-friendly. They do not emit harmful smoke that may threaten the environment.

Can be a good toy for your kid

electric scooter reviews

There are electric scooters that may be used by kids and adults. If you wish to buy a scooter for your kids as gifts, these will certainly make them happy because they can now roam around the neighborhood with their friends. These scooters will also give you peace of mind as they are safe and not harmful to your kids’ health as long as you know where they are going and they practice safe driving.

Useful transportation

If you want to buy an electric scooter for your own consumption, this can be a very economical and a useful ride for you and anyone in your family. You can use electric scooters not just for having fun with family but also for running errands at home. They can be very handy in traveling from one place to another, especially at short distances.

How to Choose Which One to Buy

These are reviews are helpful especially for people having a hard time choosing the best model for a scooter. There are many factors to be considered because electric scooters do not come cheap. Since you will be paying for it with your hard-earned money, might as well go for one that is worth your every cent.


In purchasing any item, the top priority must always be its quality because no matter how affordable it is, buying one becomes a total waste of money if it easily breaks or malfunctions. Before letting go of your hard-earned savings, you may want to conduct research about the features of the electric scooters and always read testimonials of the current users to give you a sneak peek if the product you’re looking at for a good buy.


There are affordable electric scooters while there are some with prices at skyrocket. However, the most expensive model does not always guarantee that it is the best in every aspect, so take your time in scouting for other brands and models to ensure you will bring home a good deal.


Before buying an electric scooter, get to know its features and consider whether or not it will cater to you and your kid’s needs. You have to take note of its maximum speed, battery life, handling, brakes, height, storage requirements, and warranties.

3 Models with the Best Electric Scooter Reviews

Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter
Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter Rating:
List Price: $379.44
Sale Price: $196.12
(as of 08/31/2015 20:26 UTC - Details)

Availability: unspecified

This Euro-style electric scooter is considered one of the top performing scooters in the market. Many are attracted to its appearance because it is of the same quality and always compared to Vespa. Anyone driving the Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter will surely be pleased with its elegance and style. With a speed of up to 15 miles per hour, this electric scooter comes with pneumatic tires, a retractable kickstand, comfortable cushioned seat, and a battery that guarantees a maximum of 10-mile drive when full-charged.

Razor Pocket Mod may be used both by adults and kids ages 12 and above. Many reviews show that it may be bought at a very reasonable price and it is very easy to handle and store.

Currie Technologies e-Zip E750 Electric Scooter
Currie Technologies e-Zip E750 Electric Scooter Rating:
List Price: unavailable
Sale Price: Too low to display.
(as of 08/31/2015 20:26 UTC - Details)

Availability: unspecified

Most users of this product love the idea that they can use the e-Zip E750 for comfortable rides to a maximum of 12-15 miles. It has a front suspension fork and a detachable seat. Other features that you will love include an easy to handle speed twist grip, 10-inch tires, non-slip resin, and a front disc brake that comes with a power modulator. Speed limit is noted up to 15 miles/hour and a 12-mile range per single, battery charge.

Razor E100 Electric Scooter
Razor E100 Electric Scooter Rating:
List Price: $103.99
Sale Price: $98.65
(as of 08/31/2015 20:26 UTC - Details)

Availability: unspecified

Among the key features of the E100 include rear urethane wheels, motor with high-torque, a flexible handlebar, , pneumatic front tire, rechargeable battery, and twist-grip throttle. This scooter model is perfect for kids even with age 8 and above. The weight limit is up to 120 pounds and according to many electric scooter reviews, it has a long-lasting battery that usually lasts an hour of ride.